Web and email back-up company Dropmysite lands investment from 500 Startups

Web and email back-up company Dropmysite lands investment from 500 Startups

Singapore-based website and email back-up company Dropmysite has landed an investment from 500 Startups, not long after the startup announced an undisclosed deal with the US accelerator.

The investment is worth US$250,000, and it places Dropmysite alongside Taiwanese messaging service Cubie, Canada/Singapore-based Payroll Hero, India-based Zipdeal, and others among 500 Startup’s portfolio companies in Asia.

Dropmysite offers two services: email back-up product Dropmyemail and Dropmysite, its original service which provides website owners with a layer of protection against hacking, server failures and website crashes.

Deals with GMO Cloud in Japan — which also provided a seven-figure investment — and Mexico-based Xpress Hosting in Latin America are helping Dropmysite to increase its global presence, and a tie-in with 500 Startups is sure to help the firm increase its presence in the US, where it opened an office last year.

In addition to providing capital to enable Dropmysite to grow, 500 Startups says it will “recommend” the back-up services to its network of companies and investors worldwide. That might see it land a number of influential new customers, and generally raise its awareness globally.

“Very few people think about backing up their e-mail, voicemail, or SMS until it’s too late, and most carriers and ISP’s can’t help you if they lose your data,” said  George Kellerman, Venture Partner of 500 Startups. “Dropmysite, however, solves that problem and allows any SMB to backup their e-mail or whatever else they need simply and cost-efficiently. It’s a great cloud-based business that has the potential to go global.”

“This partnership is yet another an endorsement of our vision of keeping all data safe in the cloud,” commented John Fearon, CEO and founder of Dropmysite.

The startup revamped the latter enterprise-focused service — which is priced upwards of US$19.99 per month for a 10 GB allocation — earlier this month, as it prepares to reach 500,000 users worldwide.

Dropmyemail launched at DEMO Asia in March 2012 and quickly racked up 650,000 users within its first three months. The company opened a US office last year to grow the email-backup service’s presence in North America.

Image Credit: 401K (2013)/Flickr

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