Z2Live teams up with CocoaChina to bring its mobile games to China

Z2Live teams up with CocoaChina to bring its mobile games to China

Z2Live, the US developer behind popular mobile games such as Battle Nations, Metalstorm and Trade Nations, has announced a partnership with CocoaChina to bring its mobile games to the Chinese market.

Beijing-based CocoaChina, a game developer itself, will contribute localization expertise to the projects, as well as knowledge on “monetization, distribution and piracy prevention” in China.

“After meeting and evaluating several potential partnerships in the Chinese market, we selected CocoaChina because of their market knowledge, dedication to mobile gaming, operational expertise, and down-to-earth attitude,” Z2Live CEO Lou Fasulo said.

CocoaChina, which touts itself as the largest mobile-focused game developer platform in China, knows a thing or two about monetization – it recently announced that its Fishing Joy 2 game is making $1.6 million a month from the Chinese Android market through its carrier billing strategy. The feat is especially impressive since numerous game developers have said that they’ve been unable to monetize their Android games in China.

The company’s Fishing Joy franchise has achieved more than 120 million downloads, and its other titles include Pocket Climber, FreeSkate Xtreme, Warring States and Drawing Wars.

Z2Live and CocoaChina said they are already working on their first collaboration and plan to announce the title soon.

In October, CocoaChina announced a partnership with Nexon to bring its Dungeon & Fighter franchise to China.

The lure of millions of Chinese mobile gamers, combined with a complicated regulatory landscape,  has created a strong industry for localization studios. After launching its gaming platform this summer, Yodo1 announced plans last month to partner with nine developers to bring their titles to China. The9, which won gamer’s hearts by bringing World of Warcraft to China several years ago, has branched out from PC online games to also provide publishing services for mobile games in the country.

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