Amazon launches Cloud Drive in Japan ahead of Kindle Fire shipments

Amazon launches Cloud Drive in Japan ahead of Kindle Fire shipments

Just over a month after it launched in Italy and Spain, Amazon is bringing its Cloud Drive storage service for videos, documents, and photos to Japan.

Rivaling popular cloud-based storage solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive, Amazon currently offers all users decent 5GB of free storage. Paid plans for Japan start from ¥800, or around $130 per year for 20GB, which is on par with the pricing for other countries.

From today, users in Japan can upload their files to the Amazon Cloud and manage them using any web browser or native apps available for major desktop platforms and for Android smartphones and tablets. Android users recently got access to Amazon’s new Cloud Drive Photos app, which allows fast and easy uploading of images to the Amazon’s cloud.

The service rolls out in Japan a month before Amazon is going to start shipping its Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD tablets to customers in the country. Owners of these devices will benefit from deeper integration with the service, getting extra features like quick export of Facebook photos.

Today’s launch sees Amazon enable its cloud services in all countries in which it sells its Kindle products, allowing device owners to not only store their important documents and media, but consume media via its music and video services.

Image Credit: nirak/Flickr

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