Baidu unveils job recruitment platform

Baidu unveils job recruitment platform

Baidu, China’s biggest search engine, recently unveiled its new online recruiting website called Baidu Talent that allows job seekers to upload resumes and employers to seek staff.

The new site, which can be accessed via or, can be used by individuals to create and upload resumes, and by businesses who are searching for new recruits. Baidu Talent supports importing of resumes from similar recruitment sites such as 51job, Zhaopin, ChinaHR.

DoNews reports that Baidu has been involved in the job market through an open platform as early as September last year. Baidu was affiliated with websites such as China Network, 58 city, go to the market network, and other small-scale sites.
Interestingly, TechWeb reported that due to the number of recruitment websites available, analysts believe that these websites have become more of a place to advertise where business owners care less about the effects of recruitment, but more on exposure. Baidu can naturally fit into model with its huge traffic and accurate search.

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