Indian Website Offers Virtual Wives

Indian Website Offers Virtual Wives

A lot of guys wish they lived the stable, married life but in reality, it’s a long process with a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Why not give it a try with Bharat Matrimony, an Indian website where bachelors can get a “taste” of the type of wife they would prefer as a life partner.

Biwi Ho Toh Aisi,” which roughly translates as, “A Wife Worth Having,” lets you pick a virtual wife among the four distinct stereotypes of women: A traditional, caring and devoted homemaker, a bossy control freak, an ambitious, tech-savvy professional, or a lively, talkative gossip girl.

Once you make a pick (or 4 of them if you like, but it’s not recommended), you can easily register your virtual wife by entering your name, phone number and email address. You will also be asked to pick between English or Hindi and enter the times of the day when you’ll be available.

You will then receive calls during the day with pre-recorded messages from your virtual wife, each with a different talking style. She will address you as “honey” and have other romantic overtones which Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO of Bharat Matrimony, admits “may not always be the case once one does get married for real.”

Unluckily for the ladies, there is no guy version available yet. Luckily for guys, the money they make or their caste and religion won’t be taken into consideration. It may not exactly be a good, accurate way to pick the kind of woman you want to marry but nevertheless, it is an interesting technique for Bharat Matrimony to encourage men to step forward and sign up with their Matrimonal Site to find an “actual” wife.

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