Meguru: Eco-friendly rickshaw from Japan

Meguru: Eco-friendly rickshaw from Japan

A Japanese manufacturer created an electronic version of a rickshaw that is both compact and eco-friendly. Driver not included.

The “Meguru” is a three-wheeled, three-seater compact vehicle that runs on a single lithium-ion battery. It has a maximum speed and range of 40 kilometers (25 miles) per hour.

It’s an all-natural vehicle that uses pinwheels instead of air-conditioners and blankets instead of heaters. They also claim that the body is coated in red lacquer, the floor is filled with recycled bamboo, and the retractable “window” is made using Japanese “washi” paper.

Even disposing of the car is easy. Being an all-natural vehicle, you can literally just bury it to the ground.

It’s no concept car and if you live in Japan, you could actually available for sale at around 1,000,000 Yen. No car registration necessary.

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