Acer dual boot Windows 7 and Android 2.1 netbook for $400

Acer dual boot Windows 7 and Android 2.1 netbook for $400

The new 10.1 inch Acer Aspire One Happy netbook, which comes in four neon colors, will be sold in the UK for 250 pounds ($400) and get this – dual boots to either Windows 7 or Android 2.1. Yep, Android on a netbook.

The netbook comes in Candy Pink, Lavender Purple, Lime Green and Hawaii Blue and features:

  • Atom N550 processor (dual core) or Atom N450 single-core option
  • LED backlit 10.1, 16:9 ratio screen
  • WiFi, Bluetooth and the option for 3G
  • up to a 250GB hard drive
  • 2.8 pounds

So nothing extraordinary there. The almost toy-like colors and form factor plus the option of running Android (though there is no mention of a touchscreen, so it would be somewhat limited Android), however, should make these stand out on the shelves. We’d say that it’ll be a hit with the kids, but as it is priced on the upper-end of the netbook prices scale, it could be more of a hit for Android loving adults.

No word on whether these will be available in the US or other countries soon, but Acer has reportedly said it will start including Android as an option in other dual core netbooks as well.

Interesting combination of playfulness and geekiness – it’ll be interesting to see how they do. One thing is for sure though, these will fit right in with our Geek Style series.

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