Foursquare in China shut down by Tian’anmen Square.

Foursquare in China shut down by Tian’anmen Square.

Sometimes life in our multi-sided box that we call the Internet gets a bit too real.  This is one of those times.

Censors in China have blocked Foursquare, allegedly due to too many check-ins from Tian’anmen Square.  Though this location might seem innocuous to many of us, there is a grass roots movement in China among Foursquare users to check in from the location as a show of solidarity for the events of 1989.

China is well-known for blocking access to any service that would allow dissent to be spread.  As you may remember, China blocked access to Google services just a few short weeks ago.

We’ve contacted Foursquare, and are awaiting comment. We’ll let you know what, if anything, we hear.

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