China says is “back to business”

China says is “back to business”

27503939Chinese portal site has released news (english translation) that Google in China is back in business.

Despite Google reportedly denying it had given staff a holiday, the QQ report says that staff had indeed been given a break but today would be heading back to work. Google says staff were given a holiday last week as the company boosted security of its networks after complaining its Web site had been attacked by hackers.

Google CN reportedly told QQ:

“we put a period to the staff holiday in order to run the tests and scans to ensure safe and reliable network…Google China is now the staff have been back to work post, all business up and running. “

It is important to note that, while not being owned by the government, will undoubtedly be greatly influenced by it. What gain the government might receive by announcing Google CN is back at work however is unclear. And if Google CN is officially back to work after a holiday, has the Chinese government provided information to investigate the hacking incident or has Google has agreed on running its China operation under certain conditions? Or both.

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