Twitter Japan: Premium accounts NOT coming soon after all

Twitter Japan: Premium accounts NOT coming soon after all

Twitter JapanYesterday we reported on a story that Twitter’s Japanese site was set to introduce paid-for accounts within the next few weeks. Well, scratch that – it looks like it was all a big misunderstanding.

A report today from TechCrunch quotes a press release issued today by Twitter’s Japanese partner, Digital Garage, stating that there were absolutely no plans for to charge users.

The reports of plans for premium accounts came from a talk given by an employee of Digital Garage’s subsidiary DG Mobile. It appears he was speaking generally about possible mobile monetisation plans for the future, rather than a specific, imminent charging plan for Twitter.

“The recent media reports are likely a result of a misunderstood presentation by a
DG subsidiary, DG Mobile, about potential business opportunities that it could
explore as a third party. DG Mobile’s presentation was unrelated and separate
from the Twitter and Digital Garage partnership.”

While Twitter certainly is planning to introduce some form of paid account, it won’t be quite as soon as we might have thought.

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