kaixin001.com, can you create a Chinese commercial miracle?

kaixin001.com, can you create a Chinese commercial miracle?

Nowadays, the kaixin001.com (www.kaixin001.com) , established by Cheng Bing Hao and his 7 team members from SINA in November,2007, has become one of the most popular SNS in China. It has brought along large number of successors into this area. For instance , kaixin001.com of stocks , kaixin001.com of mobile telephone , kaixin001.com inner office, and “Qian Xiang kaixin001.com” which was sued for unfair competition in May.

Within the cyberspace, who wins user wins the world. Facebook, which was set up in 2003, now owns 250 million users all over the world and gains 5 million new users per week. Before kaixin001.com, Xiaonei.com (came into existence in 2005) was the most popular SNS in China, till today it owns 70 million users. However, kaixin001.com attracted 45 million people to register in a short period of 17 months. The number of daily login reaches 12 million, and daily new user reaches 20 million. kaixin001.com is ranked in China top ten website in Alexa.


kaixin001.com is regarded as the most pious imitator of Facebook. In this potential market with 1.3billion population, can it copy the tremendous influence of Facebook’s as well?

Build-up of tech-integration and internet users’ traits, SNS has been considered as the dominant birthplace of third-generation Internet. Nearly 300million people are accustomed to being mastered by Facebook, thousands of application developers work for it. Facebook is so powerful, it’s becoming a threat to Microsoft and Google. Has experienced rapid growth in the first phase, Facebook’s Chinese imitator, kaixin001.com is collecting more and more attention from the capital markets and the same trade on its business potential.

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