iPhone finally (legally) available in China

iPhone finally (legally) available in China


iPhone finally available in China

Unicom – the second largest Chinese mobile phone carrier announced today that the iPhone 3G will be for sale in China from October 1st. The over discussed shiny object from Apple will be sold for 5,000 yuan – that’s $732.5/€ 500 – the carrier did not specify how much iPhone (8 GB? 16 GB? 32 GB?) this will get you.

Big news? Well, everybody knows that the iPhone has been ‘available’ in China since it’s first appearance on the market. Estimations are that there are over 2 million unlocked iPhones already being used in the Chinese market. Besides these unlocked phones, there are many iPhone clones that look almost identical. I just checked the Chinese eBay (Taobao) and it seems that the phone’s go for about 3000 RMB.

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