Pornhub launches new AI to watch and tag porn so humans don’t have to

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Have you ever wondered about the poor souls that were tasked to watch and tag countless hours of Pornhub footage so you could have a wide array of options to choose from when you Google your favorite fetish? You might want to know that these invisible heroes are about to lose their spots to the AI overlords.

Pornhub has announced it is launching a new AI-powered model that uses computer vision technology to autonomously detect and identify adult performers by their name.

The algorithm has so far been trained to recognize over 10,000 pornstars by simply scanning and interpreting footage, according to the X-rated website. Pornhub says the AI-powered solution was fed thousands of videos along with official photos of performers to learn how to return names accurately.

To limit the margin of error, the adult website is asking users to validate whether the tags and labels provided by AI model are indeed correct. To do so, users can either upvote or downvote the accompanying descriptions, depending on their accuracy. This is how the algorithm gets smarter.

“Now, users can search for a specific pornstar they have an affinity for and we will be able to retrieve more precise results,” said Pornhub VP Corey Price. “Our model will undoubtedly play a pivotal role moving forward too, especially considering that over 10,000 videos per day are added to the site.”

“In fact, over the course of the past month alone, while we tested the model in beta, it was able to scan through 50,000 videos that have had pornstars added or removed on the video tags.”

In addition to identifying performers, the algorithm will have the capacity to distinguish between different categories: It will for instance mark videos shot in outdoor settings under the ‘Public’ category – and clips featuring blonde performers in the ‘Blonde’ category.

The XXX company plans to run its entire five-million-strong catalog through the AI model over the next year in hopes to make it easier for users to find the clips that most closely align with their desires.

For context, inventive researchers have previously dabbled with the idea to have computer vision algorithms describe what they see in smut flicks. In fact, one developer used Microsoft AI tech to build this bot that watches and interprets raunchy content all day long.

Pornhub seems to be taking this idea to the next level with its latest move – to the misfortune of porn-taggers across the globe.

While this career path might strike you as somewhat unusual, the porn industry is notorious for its highly efficient SEO game.

Indeed, adult content services have been a popular niche market for ages – and an integral part of what makes these companies so profitable.

But it all but seems these porn-watching hustlers might soon fall victim to the looming threat of automation. The good thing is that they will finally have a chance to sit back and let automation do the work for them.

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