Co-Pilot’s AI finds user-generated content that doesn’t suck

Co-Pilot’s AI finds user-generated content that doesn’t suck
Credit: Stackla

The people behind Stackla, a program that helps you stream-line the process of finding and using user-generated content (UGC), are releasing Co-Pilot. A new program that will use machine-learning algorithms to figure out what content you’re going to use next. Co-Pilot wants to help you sort through billions of social media posts-per-day and find the ones that your company can make use of.

There was a time in marketing when ‘word-of-mouth’ meant people were talking about your product. The arrival of social-media complicated things. Today when people are ‘talking’ they’re actually liking, and sharing, and re-tweeting. Any company worth more than a few dollars has a social-media manager to make sense of it all.

Co-Pilot curates stories from the infinite abyss of user posts on at least 25 different social-media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The program uses algorithms designed to find content that relates to your brand, determine how engaging it will be to your users, and decide whether it’s the type of thing you’d personally publish. It learns what you like and takes notes.

Credit: Stackla

Whenever someone clicks, views, likes or otherwise interacts with the content you publish – Co-Pilot remembers it. Eventually, you’ll rely on the program to curate a feed of content that your customers can relate to and engage with.

Peter Cassidy, co-founder of Stackla, says:

There is a massive amount of real customer stories shared on social media for brands to leverage, but creating and sourcing the right content for the right person across every channel has been an overwhelming task. We’ve built Co-Pilot to help marketers navigate this world of content so they can easily deliver personal, authentic, and effective customer experiences at unprecedented scale.


The program has built-in rights management as part of your work-flow too, so you never have to wonder if you’re taking the right steps to secure legitimate content that is being properly and lawfully used.

This isn’t a scraping platform – it takes word-of-mouth in the digital age and allows company to take advantage of what people are saying about their products and services. Stackla is used by over 400 companies including McDonald’s, Toyota, and Disney.

Co-Pilot is designed to take all that UGC and turn it into smart content – without a giant corporation like Disney having to sort through every single social-media post about their company by hand – or mouse.

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