Wix’s new ADI tool uses artificial intelligence to build a Website for you

Wix’s new ADI tool uses artificial intelligence to build a Website for you

Wix is hoping to make it even easier for anyone to create beautiful, responsive websites with its new Advanced Design Intelligence (ADI) service.

ADI works by asking users a few simple questions, which it uses to return a website Wix thinks will feel more custom. Gathering data from its decade in existence, Wix thinks it has figured out AI for Website design.

Here’s an example: A restauranteur using ADI would be asked questions like what the restaurant name is, what type of business it was, what special features they may want (a reservations section, or online store), where it’s located and what kind of design a user prefers.

From there, ADI takes a look at what other restaurant Websites created with Wix offer, and uses them for inspiration. It also crawls the Web for information about your restaurant (like reviews), which it then tells you about in case you want to include it in your Website.

Once ADI is done, a ready-to-use Website is offered to users. If they’re not impressed, they can revisit ADI and change the style or features they listed. Should you want to dig into the design and customize it yourself, that’s also possible; it’s Wix, after all.

The concept behind ADI is to help non-designers build better Websites. It’s rolling out over the next few months, but should be available to everyone by the Fall.

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