Spotify’s new iOS design makes it easier to navigate

Spotify’s new iOS design makes it easier to navigate

Spotify is rolling out a new design for its mobile app today, starting with iOS. Though the changes are relatively minor – don’t expect a major redesign – they should make the app a little simpler to navigate.

The key aesthetic change is that Spotify is foregoing text on its buttons for larger, more prominent buttons. This makes the app a little more accessible and language-independent while looking a little cleaner too. For example, instead of the big ol’ ‘shuffle play’ button that would appear at the top of an artist page or playlist, there’s a new icon that communicates the same idea more cleanly.

Similarly, Spotify is now grouping its track action buttons into a single row at the bottom of the display. This puts the like, play, and download buttons all in the same place (the download button has a new icon that is more intuitive to understand as well). Aside from the convenience of having these functions all in the same place, the new icon row should improve one-handed usability as well.

Lastly, Spotify now displays a track’s cover art in all views except ‘Album’ view; this makes it easier to find the song you’re looking for at a glance. Moreover, Spotify will highlight the songs you’ve already liked by displaying a heart icon next to the track.

The changes are rolling out to iOS starting today, and the company told 9to5Google they are “coming soon” to Android as well.

Via 9to5Google

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