TikTok surpasses 1.5 billion downloads — with almost 500M in India

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TikTok, the short-video making app, has crossed the 1.5 billion downloads mark from the Play Store and the App Store combined.

According to a report published by analytics firm SensorTower, the ByteDance almost third of them (468 million) coming from India. Earlier this year, a report published by SensorTower suggested Tiktop surpassed the mark of a billion downloads – with India contributing a quarter of them.

Credit: SensorTower

SensorTower says the app has been downloaded 614 million times this year, six percent more than last year’s downloads at the same point. The research firm also noted the video-making app hit the mark of 655 million unique downloads last year. 

Only apps downloaded more than TikTok are WhatsApp (707.4 million) and Messenger (636.2 million).

 The company has been making several changes worldwide. It’s testing a social commerce feature by allowing to add URLs in bio. Last month, it launched an eLearning program called EduTok in India and banned political ads in the EU and the US.

Earlier this week, Facebook launched a TikTok-like feature called ‘Reels’ in Instagram Stories in Brazil. The social network has been trying to surpass TikTok in many ways. But it hasn’t found a way to beat it yet.

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