Here’s why Disney+ may not work on your phone

Here’s why Disney+ may not work on your phone
Credit: Walt Disney Company

Disney+ is set to launch next month with plenty of exciting titles at the offer. But you might not be able to stream all of them because of DRM (Digital Rights Management) constraints.

What is Widevine?

Streaming services use a special DRM called Widevine, which is owned by Google. It requires Android manufacturers to meet certain criteria for video processing and cryptography that will secure the content being streamed. While Widevine doesn’t require phone makers to pay a fee, they have to pass a test to acquire a certificate. Streaming apps such as Netflix will check for that certificate to stream HD content.

Android devices have either L1 (high) or L3 (low) security level of Widevine certification.

How to check your device compatibility for Disney+

Netflix allows you to stream at 720p if your device doesn’t have an L1 certification. However, Disney+ will only allow you to stream content from its service if you have L1 certification. A Linux developer who goes by the name hansdegoede, tried the service in the Netherlands and found this caveat.

While there is no certain list to check if a device has L1 or L3 certification, an Android called DRM info will help you out. Install the app, and open it to see your device’s certification before purchasing a Disney+ subscription.

Hopefully, Disney will relax this norm after its launch.

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