YouPorn now lets you create an account without an email

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YouPorn, a pillar of the Pornhub empire, is going the Reddit way. The adult content site now lets viewers create accounts without any need to enter an email address.

The company says the new “Private Sign In” feature ought to make it easier for users to customize their feed and benefit from the recommendation engine without the fear of having their account tied to an email address.

Up until now, users had to enter an email address to open an account, or simply use their Pornhub account to log in.

“Private Sign In” will be available through a “private experience widget” included in the sign-in page. The Pornhub subsidiary says the move is its latest in a push to beef up the privacy of its users. Back in 2017, the company switched to HTTPS, along with Pornhub.

In addition to the private logging in, YouPorn is also introducing a light theme — and it seems it will be the new default look for all users.

Yep, in a world where pretty much every popular service is adding dark themes, YouPorn is walking in the opposite direction.

Early response has been so positive that we’re turning it on for everyone by default so they can experience it for themselves,” said YouPorn VP Charlie Hughes.

Congrats on the new facelift YouPorn, now you look a lot more like YouTube.

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