Google’s Gallery Go is a lightweight Photos alternative that works offline

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Google has boosted its app lineup for Android Go – a lightweight alternative of its operating system for low-end phones – with a new addition: Gallery Go, a stripped-down substitute for Photos that uses machine learning to automatically organize your pics.

The best part about the new app is that it also works offline. The Big G says Gallery Go will sort images based on the people or things you snap pics of. This ought to make it easy to quickly find selfies (or any other type of photos) and keep track of important documents.

Gallery Go automatically labels images without using any data. It also supports SD cards so you can easily move files on and off your device.

It also comes with built-in editing capabilities, like an auto-enhance mode and a number of filters to choose among.

Similarly to other Android Go software (like Gmail Go), Google has made sure the app doesn’t take up too much of your phone’s space. At 10MB, Gallery Go is about more than four times smaller than Photos’ application package.

Gallery Go is already available in the Play Store (for those running Android 8.1 or newer), but Google mentions some features – like organizing photos by people – have yet to be rolled out worldwide.

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