Here’s why your Slack messages are double-posting. Here’s why your Slack messages are double-posting.


Users of Slack, the hugely popular messaging platform, are reporting a weird glitch that’s resulting in messages being duplicated multiple times, or simply refusing to send.

To give you a sense of what that looks like, check out this screenshot from TNW’s own internal Slack team.

So far, it looks like the issue isn’t confined to one geographic area. We’ve confirmed reports that the issue is appearing to users based in Europe, North America, and India. The issue is also presenting itself across Slack’s desktop and browser experiences.

In addition, some users on Twitter are reporting issues in uploading files, as well as reacting to posts with emoji.

It’s not clear if those two problems are related to the double-posting issue mentioned above. Slack’s status page, however, shows a “degraded service” across almost its entire product.

TNW reached out to Slack for further information. We asked about the cause of the issue, as well as when users are likely to see a fix for this utterly annoying problem. When we hear back from it, we’ll update this post with its comment.

UPDATE: A Representative from Slack emailed TNW this comment.

We are currently experiencing degraded functionality issues and we apologize for the inconvenience. For the latest updates please keep an eye on @slackstatus and

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