Adobe shows off a video editing tool to magically isolate moving objects in seconds

At its recent Max conference, Adobe showed off a bunch of cool new features that it could potentially include in updates to its powerful photo, audio, and video editing software. The most useful of the lot helps you select and isolate moving objects in videos, with just a few clicks.

It’s called Project Fast Mask, and it was demonstrated on stage automatically isolating a person dancing on a street, a child playing in a lawn, and a kitten walking behind and past a fence post.

With currently available software, you’d have to make precise selections with several points, and in most cases (especially with objects that have irregular shapes, like humans and animals), you’d have to do so for multiple frames. You could potentially create a mask that follows a moving object, but you’d have to check individual frames to ensure that the propagation is as accurate as you need it to be.

This feature could save editors a lot of time when they want to apply effects to backgrounds, and cut moving objects out of scenes. Hopefully this isn’t just vaporware, and it’ll actually materialize in future versions of Adobe’s video tools.

Via Engadget

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