Amazon Music adds Google Cast support, and I hope Prime Video is next

Amazon Music adds Google Cast support, and I hope Prime Video is next

Amazon and Google have had a bit of an ongoing feud regarding streaming devices and services, but it seems the company might be starting to bury the hatchet. TechHive spotted Amazon had quietly added Google Cast support to its Music app a couple of weeks ago.

I tested it on my own device, and it works great. Hopefully it’s a sign Amazon and Google are willing to work a bit more closely together, and that I’ll finally be able to cast Amazon Prime Video to my Android TV.

Until now, Amazon has not supported Google Cast on any of its devices or services, despite arguably being the most popular streaming standard around. Not only that, but a couple of years ago, Amazon decided to stop selling Chromecast and Android TV devices on Amazon, citing the ridiculous excuse of “consumer confusion.”

Amazon did the same for the Apple’s AirPlay and Apple TV, mind you, but then the companies announced in June that Amazon Prime Video would be making its way to the Apple TV by the end of the year. Though we’re still waiting for that feature to arrive, it was a sign Amazon was ready to bury the hatchet.

Amazon Prime Video also appeared in the Play Store for the first time in August. Although it arrived without Google Cast support, hopefully that’s only a matter of time now.

Via The Verge

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