Snapchat’s Context Cards turn it into Yelp for teens

Snapchat’s Context Cards turn it into Yelp for teens
Credit: Snap Inc

Snapchat today announced it would be adding “Context Cards” to its suite of in-app tools. These Cards are information packets on the location where a Snap is taken, pulling data from several partner companies to give potential customers as much data as possible.

The integrations include Foursquare, Tripadvisor, Uber, Lyft, OpenTable, and Michelin, among others. So when you see a Snap taken at a particular location, you can open a card by swiping up. The card will tell you more about the location, including reviews, contact information, directions, or hours of operation. You can also book a table, get a ride there, and see what other people have Snapped from the same location.

Basically, Snapchat decided to do unto others as was done onto them: while other apps are poaching features from Snap left and right, the company is taking a leaf from the book of Yelp. Now, when you see a Snap of delicious food — which comprises about half of my friends’ Stories — taken at a specific location, Snapchat will give you the info you need to get the food yourself.

Snap also said it will integrate Stories into the Context Cards, so you’ll be able to see more Snaps taken at the same location. The Snaps will include those using geofilters and those submitted to Our Story, meaning your Snap could show up in a company’s Card if you make it public.

This seems like a prime way for Snapchat to expand its advertising features beyond company-specific filters or lenses. It might or might not go over well with Snapchat’s users, but at least the app no longer looks like a one-trick selfie pony.

Context cards roll out today on iOS and Android in the U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, and New Zealand.

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