Hey Tinder, here’s how you solve the ‘who pays for the date’ problem

Hey Tinder, here’s how you solve the ‘who pays for the date’ problem

Dating apps are great for landing hot dates, but who should pay for it?

According to Cosmopolitan, 25-percent of women say their partner should always pick up the bill and 40-percent think that going halfsies is the safest play. But 80-percent of guys believe that they need to pay for every date during the relationship. 

Deciding who pays for the date leaves everyone confused and anxious about grabbing the check, but there is a way to end this problem.

Every dating app needs a coin-flip feature that decides who pays for the date. This virtual coin would resolve the never-ending debates and painful conversations about how chivalry is dead. 

Think of it like your standard flip of the coin, someone taps on an icon and fate decides who gets the bill ー heads you pay, tails you keep your money. The possibilities are endless: couples can easily decide who gets to choose the date, who needs to introduce the other to family first, who pays for the wedding, and more!

Coin tosses work for solving kids’ problems, deciding who gets home field advantage during the Superbowl, and determining the order of author names in scholarly papers ー why shouldn’t it work in relationships?

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