Samsung rolls out updated Smart Switch website to lure iPhone users

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Samsung wants to make it even more effortless to ditch your old smartphone and switch to one of its new Galaxy handsets. To this end, the company is rolling out a redesign to its Smart Switch website.

The transfer app enables users to freely move content from their old phone to any recent Galaxy device. What is particularly handy about the Smart Switch technology is that it supports transfers from any phone and operating system.

samsung, iphone, phone, transfer


Among other things, the service makes it possible to seamlessly transfer your custom setup to your new Galaxy device and move precious content like photos, videos and contacts.

Smart Switch is currently compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Mobile as well BlackBerry handsets. It also comes with three alternative ways to facilitate transfers: wirelessly over the Smart Switch mobile app, phone-to-phone using a USB cable, or through the Smart Switch desktop software.

Once you have established a connection with your new device, Smart Switch will let you select which files and settings you’d like to transfer from your old handset. When the transfer is completed, “your new device will have the look and feel you’ve grown accustomed to.”

The South Korean phone maker says the software is compatible with Galaxy S2 and newer devices (including tablets) running on Android 4.0 and above – though some devices may not support wireless transfers.

Samsung is not alone in this race. A little over a month ago, Apple rolled out an update to its own ‘Switch’ software in an attempt to entice more Android users to its iPhone. It also released a series of explainer videos on YouTube to accompany the revamped software.

For more details about the updated Smart Switch website, visit the official Samsung website here.

Correction: This piece initially wrongly stated that Smart Switch has been updated with new transfer features. This isn’t accurate – it is only the Smart Switch website that has been revamped.

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