Waze can now shout directions using your own voice

Waze can now shout directions using your own voice

Ever heard the flat intonations of pre-recorded GPS voices and thought “I could do better?” Waze is giving you the chance to prove that.

With the latest update to the navigation app on Android, users can record navigational directions in their own voices. It’s not terribly comprehensive: mostly you just say variations on “Turn right,” or “Stop,” or “Let’s go!” There are 39 phrases you can record in total.

There is a major downside: if you use this feature, you won’t hear street names spoken aloud. The recorded phrases don’t cover anything that specific.

This sounds like a gimmick, or the setup for a kickass prank, but it could have some practical applications. Maybe you’re an anxious driver and the voice of a parent or loved one gives you comfort. Or maybe you have a disability and the programmed voices on Waze are hard for you to understand. Or it might be that Waze isn’t supported in your preferred language.

Considering Waze already lets you get directions from Terry Crews, Keith Morrison, and Mister T, we really can’t judge any of its users for who they choose to listen to anymore.

Waze Now Lets You Record Navigation Instructions in Your Own Voice on LifeHacker

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