Google brings YouTube Kids app to smart TVs

Google brings YouTube Kids app to smart TVs
Credit: Google

Google today announced the YouTube Kids app is now available on certain smart televisions, meaning children can get a break from staring at a small screen to stare at an even larger screen.

The app will be available on a number of different TVs, including Samsung, Sony, and LG webOS. Google says support for Android TV is coming. For those of you without smart TVs, Kids is also Chromecast-ready.

YouTube Kids launched in 2015, a dedicated app parents could rely on to babysit their kids. It comes with robust parental controls, voice commands for children too young to spell, and a number of educational videos aimed at children. Questionable content sprouts up there every once in a while, but luckily it’s not a majority.

YouTube Kid’s collection of kid-friendly curated content is one of Google’s biggest hits, if its reported numbers are any indication. According to YouTube, the Kids app has 8 million active weekly viewers in 26 countries.

The YouTube Kids app is now available on even more screens! on Google Blog

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