Product Hunt now lets you ask its community to recommend apps and tools

Product Hunt now lets you ask its community to recommend apps and tools

Product Hunt has long been one of the best places to discover new apps, services, gadgets and tech-focused content. Now, in addition to its its categorized feeds for surfacing stuff you might like, it now lets you ask the community to help you find products for your specific needs.

Visit the new Ask Product Hunt section and throw out a request for recommendations, whether that’s for a cross-platform password manager, an easy-to-use ecommerce site engine or a tasty protein bar.

Members can respond by linking items already listed on Product Hunt, vote them up, flag other answers as ‘helpful’ and also add unlisted items to the database, as well as the post in question; products from Amazon, Etsy, the App Store, and elsewhere on the web are supported.

It’s kinda like Quora for stuff, and from scouring around the section during its private beta, I found it to be pretty handy – and that’s thanks to the active and genuinely helpful PH community.

If you’re trying to find the best tools for your next project, this is a great way to speed up your search. Try it now by heading to Ask Product Hunt.

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