Google Play now offers a free Android app every week

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Google has updated its Play store with a new section that serves up a paid Android app for free every week.

The company rolled it out quietly over the weekend and didn’t specify whether the new section would be available globally. Currently, it looks like it’s only available in the US (boo).

Up first in the free section is Card Wars, a game based on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time franchise. It normally costs $2.99, but you can pick it up at no charge right now.

The store previously had a free weekly app promotion in 2015, but it seems to have died out at some point. Hopefully Google will stick with the program this time.

Google only recently allowed developers to run sales on their paid apps (along with the ability to make them available for free for as long as they liked) while displaying the full price, so people know how much they’re saving. The company also noted at this year’s GDC that the Play store will soon feature curated games on editorial pages.

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Free App of the Week on Google Play

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