Shout for Chrome and iOS is like the lovechild of Goodreads and Pocket

Shout for Chrome and iOS is like the lovechild of Goodreads and Pocket

There’s a lot of great content on the internet. But sharing it in a way that’s both visible and organized isn’t particularly easy – especially on services like Twitter and Facebook.

Enter Shout. Available for Chrome and iOS, this service is a bit like what would happen if Goodreads and Pocket shacked up and had a baby.

As you browse the internet, you can ‘shout’ content – not just news articles, but also PDFs, lectures, and videos. Pretty much anything.

The stuff you ‘shout’ is organized into coherent lists. These can be kept private, which is handy if you plan to use it for anything ‘private’, but they can also be shared publicly on the platform. Shout has a discovery feature, where by scrolling down you can see the lists of others.

Perhaps most interestingly, you can set these to be collaborative, allowing others to insert their own suggestions. You can also create your own email digests, which are sent on-demand to anyone following the email. Sadly, these cannot be customized, although the default state isn’t particularly hideous.

You can check out Shout from today on Chrome and iOS. Although it’s certainly rough around the edges in parts, it’s one of the most interesting ways I’ve found to share and aggregate content, and create an email newsletter.

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