Creepy app lets you snap selfies with the dead

Creepy app lets you snap selfies with the dead
Credit: Milles Studio/Shutterstock

A Korean company is creating an app that will let you take selfies with anyone – even if they’re away, dead, or complete strangers.

The app, called “With Me,” was created by ELROIS, Inc and debuted at MWC this week. With this technology, you can 3D-scan someone and turn them into avatars within the app.

After creating the avatar, you can take a selfie with it, even if the person isn’t there. The avatars use sophisticated AI to replicate the persona of the real person. They’ll also remember who you are and what you look like, and will comment if your mood or appearance is different.

If taking selfies with the dead isn’t creepy enough, this line from ELROIS might make your skin crawl: “Avatars could be your family, friends, or even celebrities!”

That’s not even the creepiest part: The avatars respond to your voice, so if you tell them “I love you,” they’ll say they love you back. They’ll even kiss you if you pucker up. Meaning that you could take pictures of yourself kissing a person who doesn’t know who you are.

The 3D scanning sounds fascinating, but the stalker-ish potential raises way too many red flags for our tastes.

This Creepy App Lets You Take Selfies With Dead Relatives on Vocativ

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