Twitch makes it easier to find streams to watch with topic-based Communities

Twitch makes it easier to find streams to watch with topic-based Communities

In recent times, Twitch has steadily been outgrowing its hardcore gaming avatar and expanding to accommodate streamers’ other interests on its platform. Now, it’s taking things a step further with the beta launch of Communities.

Think of Communities as public listings of streams sorted by topic or by activity, such as speedrunning, painting, cosplay, retro games and cooking. There are already a large number of Communities for you to browse, and you’re free to create your own as well.

For those who are familiar with Reddit, these Communities are a bit like subreddits in that the creator of a community can customize their page design and set specific rules for their space. There’s also a limit of five communities that each user can create.

That should make it easier for you to sift through the massive range of streams on the platform instead of only following certain users or stumbling upon them from other sites.

It will also allow broadcasters to find audiences when they want to branch out from what they’re already known for. For example, if you’ve made a name for yourself streaming Dota 2 gameplay and want to show off your painting skills, you can target your next broadcast featuring you and your canvas to the appropriate community’s stream wall so you can reach people who don’t follow you already.

Check out Twitch Communities by following this link.

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