This Netflix extension for Chrome is your shortcut to a ton of hidden categories

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Though its offerings are now available in more than 130 countries worldwide, Netflix has a sea of hidden content underneath its main selection of categories – and now there’s a nifty plugin that gives you access to all of its invisible listings straight from your browser.

Available for free, Netflix Categories is a neat new Chrome extension that removes the hassle out of browsing the hidden categories of the popular streaming service. The plugin essentially unlocks the hidden catalog, making it easy for you to flip through a slew of titles without having to dig deep.

What’s particularly handy is that the extension also lets you search and bookmark your favorite categories, giving you access to your preferred genres within a few clicks.

The app currently lists over 200 different categories, but creator Deekshith Allamaneni promises more will be added in the near future. To give you some more context, Netflix reportedly uses over 76,897 unique ways to make its catalog more searchable to users.

In addition to working without sending or receiving any data, Netflix Categories also never runs in the background of which means it won’t eat up your device’s memory or waste your system’s resources unless you use it.

Step up your binge-watching game right now and get Netflix Categories from the Chrome Web Store by clicking here.

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