Google Drive now makes it easy to switch from iOS to Android

Google Drive now makes it easy to switch from iOS to Android

Google has updated its Drive cloud storage app on iOS with a handy new feature for those switching to a new phone this holiday season. It now lets you back up your contacts, calendar and camera roll so you’ll have them all available when you sign into your account on a new Android device.

To use it, launch Drive on your iOS device, select ‘Backup’ in the settings menu and then select the items you want to back up. It can take a while, depending on how many contacts, photos, videos and calendar events you have stored on your device.

That’s a whole lot easier than backing up your stuff manually, and it’s certainly useful for folks who aren’t yet fully invested in Google’s ecosystem of services.

It’s worth noting that the automatic backup feature doesn’t handle your texts or music – but hopefully support for those files will be added soon. You’ll also want to remember to turn off iMessage for your number before you switch off your iPhone one last time, to ensure that you continue to receive SMSes without a hitch.

Going the other way? You can switch easily from Android to iOS by using Apple’s purpose-built app.

Via The Verge

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