Tinder now supports more gender identities

Tinder now supports more gender identities
Credit: Tinder

Tinder is updating its dating app for users in the US, UK and Canada with the option to define their own gender more clearly.

In addition to ‘male’ and ‘female’ options in the gender menu, you can nose choose to identify as trans, trans woman and transgender. Plus, you can select which gender searches you want to show up in, and display or hide your gender in your profile.

The new feature is part of the company’s initiative to make its service more inclusive to people of all genders. It noted in a blog post that it’s also allocating working to educate its staff about the challenges faced by transgender and gender non-conforming users.

While the move is certainly welcome, it’ll be interesting to see how Tinder approaches the difficult task of rolling out wider gender support in other countries, where non-conformity to traditional gender roles is greatly stigmatized. Still, it’s a great start and hopefully, it’ll inspire more services to add inclusivity to their priorities as they grow.

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