Spotify’s new Daily Mix promises a never-ending, never-boring playlist

Spotify’s new Daily Mix promises a never-ending, never-boring playlist

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists were well received, but it kind of sucks when you exhaust the two hours of music it nets you. Now the company is giving you another option if you want new music right now.

Your new ‘Daily Mix’ consists of a series of playlists that combines your favorite tunes with some new songs peppered in. Spotify describes the collection of as ‘near-endless,’ so you’ll have plenty to tune into.

As usual with these algorithm-based playlists, Spotify says you Daily Mixes will become better as you listen to more music, fine tuning the system around your preferences. You can also ‘ban’ or ‘heart’ tunes to your liking.

Spotify rose to prominence for its convenience and wide selection of music, but recently the company has been positing itself as the best music recommendation service as well. Pandora, for all its stalled growth in the past few years, still offers some of the best music recommendations out there, and is now promising to finally offer full-fledged on-demand streaming soon.

That means Spotify is under a bit more pressure to help you find new tunes as the competition heats up, but if daily Mixes end up as good as Discover Weekly, the company is on the right track.

Daily mixes are available now to everyone on Android and iOS, and will come to other platforms ‘soon.’ New users will have to spend at least two weeks pumping some tracks before Spotify can generate a mix though.

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