Tutorial: Learn how to throw balls in Pokémon Go like a boss with this slick little trick

If there’s one thing that makes Pokémon Go particularly annoying, it’s gotta be the despondent feeling of anger that a missed Pokéball throw instills – and avid trainers oughta know this best.

Fortunately, a Redditor by the name of homu has developed a new throwing technique that will not only increase your Pokéball accuracy significantly, but also virtually take the hassle out of catching ’em all.

The “L Throw” – as homu calls it – is a neat little trick that makes catching Pokémon a lot easier – and it’s not cheating either!

To perform the crafty throw, simply drag the Pokéball to the left side of the screen of your smartphone and release it once you reach the height of the Pokémon. Check out the image below to see how it’s done:

The handy technique also has a variation for curveballs. It’s similar to the regular “L Throw”, but instead you need to curve the ball before pulling it to the side of your screen:

As other Redditors remark, the “L Throw” can similarly be successfully performed from the right side of the screen, depending on which hand you use to throw Pokéballs with.

Still, don’t get too mad if you struggle to capture Pokémon successfully with the “L Throw”.

Creator Niantic Labs recently confirmed there’s a bug that is affecting your chances to catch Pokémon and a slew of vexed Go players have already voiced their frustrations with the game’s janky capturing mechanism.

Learn how to perform the “L Throw” in more detail here. Hopefully, it makes the hunting experience a lot more enjoyable.

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