Pokémon Go’s new tracking feature will make living near a Pokéstop even more hellish

Pokémon Go’s new tracking feature will make living near a Pokéstop even more hellish

A new update for Pokémon Go was just released, which hopefully fixes one of the most infuriating things about playing the game: quick battery depletion.

It also brought a slew of other updates, such as awarding points properly when you throw a “Nice,” “Great,” or “Excellent” ball and puts nearby Pokémons as “Sightings,” showing them lurking behind a wall of grass.

But the most interesting update is a beta Pokémon tracking feature for select users. It lets you see which Pokémon are near with a rather exact location: by pinpointing it to the Pokéstop. All you have to do is select the stop and it will even show you on the map where it is.

From there, you can try your luck looking for it naturally, or use a Incense or Lure at the stop to bring the Pokémon closer.


All great for the gamer, but if you happen to live at a Pokéstop, prepare for your life to become even more miserable.

Pokéstop locations have caused a bit of a controversy since the game’s release. At launch, many were found at “inappropriate” locations such as a cemetery or memorial. Residents complain of privacy issues while businesses say the game brought players to the stop to crowd the storefront without buying anything.

So as if the previous issue wasn’t already problematic, the tracking feature will expressly send players to an exact Pokéstop in the quest for that precious Pikachu.

“Niantic, please stop sending randos to my house!” I hear ya, bro. You can technically request for a Pokéstop to be removed, but reports say this only happens when there are “multiple requests,” which means a private residence might not get the immediate support needed.

I’m all for easier Pokémon hunts, but Niantic might want to work on this Pokéstop removal process before releasing the tracking feature out of beta.

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