Feast your eyes on the fragalicious new Quake Champions gameplay trailer

It’s been nearly a decade since the last game from the Quake franchise was released (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars came out way back in 2007).

At this year’s E3 gaming expo, id Software announced the upcoming multiplayer title Quake Champions, much to the delight of hardcore FPS fans. Today at QuakeCon 2016, publisher Bethesda Softworks showed off a hot new gameplay trailer that’s sure to get your pulse racing.

There are new characters and weapons to look forward to, as well as unlocked framerates. What hasn’t changed is the frenetic fast-paced rocket-jumping gameplay. Hope your reflexes are still as sharp as when you cut your teeth on previous games in the series.

Quake Champions doesn’t yet have a release date, but Bethesda promises to launch a closed beta next year.

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