Peek lets you live stream privately with friends and family

Peek lets you live stream privately with friends and family

BetaList features the newest startups. Today, we take a closer look at Peek which provides fun, private live streaming with friends & family. Submit your startup to get featured too.

What is Peek?

Peek is a new app for fun, private live streaming with friends & family. In contrast to public live streaming services like Periscope, Peek centers around live streaming with small, private groups; something which we compare to a “Whatsapp for live video”. Not only does this allow for more personal conversations to happen, but it also plugs directly into your existing address book for a simpler, more social experience with emoji support, live chat & instant replays.

Where did the idea come from?

The idea comes from a personal dilemma – my sister is graduating next month and I’ll be out of the country. Right now, there’s no effective way for me to come closer to that experience – photos on Facebook are not live, a Skype call is not practical and a Periscope stream is not private.

That’s where Peek comes in! Through a simple notification on my phone, the app allows me to instantly share in that live experience as well as chat and react to what’s happening.

What’s next for Peek?

We’re very excited to start beta testing the app in the coming weeks. Live video is a rapidly growing market so we’re aiming for Peek to lead the way on private live streaming by letting people broadcast their experiences to friends & family.

Going forward, we think a lot of growth will come through universities so we’re thrilled to be working with reps at over 50 colleges in the US already. As the app grows bigger, we also plan to tailor the app experience for brands wishing to promote to their audience through targeted live streams based on interest & location.

One last question, why use a Pineapple as the logo?

Why not! We wanted something a bit light-hearted that highlights the overall feel of Peek – a fun, social app for anyone to use. Peter the Pineapple represents that :)

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