X.ai’s intelligent meeting scheduler now works with Outlook.com and Office 365 calendars

X.ai’s intelligent meeting scheduler now works with Outlook.com and Office 365 calendars
Credit: X.ai

X.ai has been in beta for the past two years, but it’s rare to hear users complain about its service or the long waitlist. That’s because its intelligent meeting scheduler works better than most other tools and methods available today.

Until now, its AI-based assistant Amy only worked with Google calendars. The company has just launched support for Microsoft’s Outlook.com email and Office 365 calendars to woo enterprise customers and fans of the popular productivity suite.

X.ai noted that support for Microsoft’s services was one of the most commonly requested features during its extensive beta testing. The update comes ahead of X.ai’s public release, which is slated to arrive this fall.

The company’s AI assistant looks at your calendar to know when you’re free and where you like to host meetings. When you CC Amy on an email to someone about a meeting, she’ll automatically take over the process of figuring out a convenient time and place with your contact and then send you both an invite -all without needing you to sign in or launch a separate app.

X.ai’s service will be a boon to fans of the calendar app Sunrise, which Microsoft acquired last February and is shutting down at the end of this August. It came with Meet, a unique software keyboard that allowed you to tap time slots on a visual calendar to specify when you were free for appointments, so your contact could select any of them for a meeting.

However, X.ai still has a little more work to do before it can bring in the big bucks from large companies – it doesn’t yet work with Microsoft Exchange calendars. The company says it’s working on that and should be able to integrate it soon.

x.ai Integrates Microsoft Outlook.com and Microsoft Office 365 calendars with its AI personal assistant on PR Newswire / Yahoo

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