Littlebook puts Facebook on your Apple Watch to feed your social addiction

Littlebook puts Facebook on your Apple Watch to feed your social addiction

Facebook fiends can now take the social network everywhere they go with Littlebook, an unofficial Facebook client for the Apple Watch that will either keep your eyes glued to the wearable or rolling back into your skull.

Silly as it may be, Littlebook is actually pretty robust. You can browse your entire feed, and like posts with a simple tap. Photo and video posts are also there, and video plays in its own view. An offline mode puts previews of articles on your wrist so you can keep up with Facebook in those moments life tears you away.

You can even download articles for reading later — on your watch. I’m not sure if that’s a great idea, but it’s available. If you want to update your status on the Watch, voice dictation is the only way to go.

Littlebook isn’t a perfect representation of Facebook, though. It’s creators say “while we tried our best to recreate the Facebook–App experience, Apple Watch has some technical limitations which make things more challenging.”

If you can’t live without Facebook — and have an Apple Watch — Littlebook is launching today. It’ll cost $2.99, but that’s a small price to pay (pun intended) for Facebook on your wrist.

Littlebook on App Store

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