SwiftKey’s new keyboard will help you text like Shakespeare

SwiftKey’s new keyboard will help you text like Shakespeare

Today marks 400 years since Shakespeare’s death, and SwiftKey is celebrating by releasing a keyboard that will help you type “exactly like the Bard would.”

‘ShakeSpeak’ is a lot like SwiftKey proper, just with a parchment paper theme and modified autocorrect algorithm. It still learns from you as you type, except now it will suggest old-timey expressions fitting the context of your current sentence.

To be clear, you still need to do some typing yourself, but it’s fairly easy to write a complete sentence pulled directly from one of Shakespeare’s plays by simply tapping on the suggestions above the keyboard.

To be or not to be

For example, starting a sentence with the word ‘to’ naturally leads to a sequence of suggestions forming “to be or not to be,” because Shakespeare.

Simply tapping on suggestions doesn’t always work, but at least you know the keyboard won’t try to autocorrect you for typing ‘thee’ or ‘thou.’

If you want more advice on how to type like a proper 17th century playwright, check out SwiftKey’s blog post at the source link below. Otherwise, you can download the app from the Play Store now.

Text like Shakespeare with ShakeSpeak by SwiftKey on SwiftKey Blog

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