Confide now lets you ‘un-send’ unread messages… for a price

Confide now lets you ‘un-send’ unread messages… for a price

One of the biggest selling point of encrypted messaging app Confide is that you can send messages to someone with a level of discretion. But in case you type to the wrong person, the app will now let you ‘un-send’ that message as long as you’re using the mobile app version and you’re willing to pay for the action as an in-app purchase.

“We have all sent messages that we wish we could take back. Sometimes we send them to the wrong person or with the wrong sentiment; other times we send them too quickly,” the company said in a blog post. “With a confidential messenger, the stakes can be even higher.”

Called message retraction, Confide says that the new feature is subscription-based and available globally.

It’s certainly not the first time apps have allowed users to turn back time for a couple bucks: Tinder famously included the capability in its premium Tinder Plus feature set, which also works as a subscription-based in-app purchase. If you’re a power-user of confidential messages, it’s likely that message retraction will appeal as an insurance for peace of mind.

Additionally, the company announced a $1.6 million Seed Extension is comprised of existing Confide investors, including WGI Group, FirstRound Capital, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Marker and Howard Lerman. The company has raised $3.6 million to date.

Confide is available for iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Mac and PC. For now, message retraction remains mobile-only.


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