Metal Gear Solid could get a fan-made remaster if Konami plays nice

It’s been nearly 18 years since Hideo Kojima’s action-stealth masterpiece Metal Gear Solid (MGS) was released for the first Sony PlayStation, and the game’s graphics are clearly dated at this point. So a fan has decided to pay tribute to the critically-acclaimed title by recreating it in Unreal Engine 4.

The remake, dubbed Shadow Moses, takes advantage of the modern game engine’s advanced rendering capabilities, making for a gorgeous reimagining of the game.

Of course, whether it will be released to the world depends on the game’s rights owner Konami. The developer, who goes by the name Airam, is trying to get the company on board with his idea by sharing his progress on the project from the very beginning.

That should also help mitigate the risk of putting too much time into the game, only to have it shut down after years of work. Hopefully Konami will see sense and allow Airam to bring the magic of MGS to the next generation of gamers.

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