drchrono brings fully compliant medical forms to the iPhone

drchrono brings fully compliant medical forms to the iPhone

When it comes to bureaucracy, doctor’s practices and hospitals rank up there with the worst. And while health startup drchrono has spent its time developing a comprehensive Electronic Health Records system for the iPad, the company has just make its own process simpler by providing an accompanying full featured Electronic Health Records app for the iPhone.

“Physicians are looking for technology and tools that make their medical practices more efficient,” drchrono cofounder and COO Daniel Kivatinos told TNW. “The doctor of the future will have an iPhone as part of their medical toolset.”


The new iPhone app, released today, will allow doctors who are signed up with drchrono to use their iPhones to access patient records and fill out forms easily on their iPhone. Available in both their free and paid plans, co-founder and CEO Michael Nusimow says the iPhone version is fully compliant with all healthcare privacy laws.

“When working with our API partners we put a Business Associate Agreement in place with all partners whose applications are publicly available — which ensures that they will treat PHI (Patient Health Information) in a way that’s compliant with HIPAA,” he said. “It takes a very diligent and holistic approach to online data security to keep our customers’ and their patient’s healthcare data secure.”

Additionally, he told TNW that the app has many security measures in place to ensure that important and private medical records don’t fall into the wrong hands.

drchrono stores all of our data in the cloud and our iPhone and iPad applications store no unencrypted healthcare data locally on the device.  We also offer mobile phone based two-factor security tokens for all drchrono logins as well as implementing biometric fingerprint logins on our iPad and iPhone applications.  This ensures that the iPhone and iPad EHR applications can’t be used to improperly access healthcare data even if a doctor’s iPhone or iPad was stolen.”


Speed and convenience are what drchrono has traded on to develop a reputation in the healthtech sector. By introducing the new full-featured app, the company seeks to drastically reduce the amount of paperwork and time-consumptive parts of a doctor’s practice. Hopefully, that will lead them to have more time to treat more patients effectively.

The most important thing about our iPad, and now iPhone EHR, is that once the doctor walks out of the room after treating a patient, they are 100 percent finished with all of the medical and insurance billing related “paperwork” that they used to spend hours struggling with at the end of their shifts,” Nusimow said.


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