GIF for Mac makes all the GIFs easy to reach from your menu bar

GIF for Mac makes all the GIFs easy to reach from your menu bar

GIFs are quickly becoming the lingua franca of just about every emotion. That’s why everywhere you look — from email to chat room to social media — there’s something silly moving around that makes you giggle.

Yet, even when it appears that you have all the GIFs, there’s just never enough GIFs.

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Riffsy, makers of the GIF Keyboard for iOS, gets it and has now expanded to the Mac desktop with GIF for Mac, an app that hangs off of your main menu for easy GIFfing.

Unknown-1While the app resides, like all others, in your Applications folder, launching it places it with easy reach on your desktop with no fuss.

A search box lets you type in queries, or you can use the convenient built-in emoji to find a GIF. You can also upload GIFs or videos from your desktop.

And while they were at it, the iOS app got an update too. Riffsy has integrated Spotlight search and 3D Touch for iOS 9 to hasten the process of finding GIFs on your iPhone or iPad.

➤ GIF for Mac

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