This cool tool lets you find out which ‘secret’ hotel you’re booking at a discount

This cool tool lets you find out which ‘secret’ hotel you’re booking at a discount

The great thing about last minute hotel booking sites and discount platforms like Lastminute, Hotwire and Expedia is that you can get rock-bottom prices for hotels with good reputations. The only problem is that you have to leave the booking somewhat to fate — great deals often require that you book with “unpublished” or “secret” hotels that you won’t know until you book it.

If you’re iffy on booking a mystery hotel but can’t say no to the price, Whatthehotel promises to offer you the ability to peek at what you’re getting before you book.

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The tool, which is currently in beta, is pretty simple: submit a form on the site with the URL to the booking page along with your email, and Whatthehotel will send you a reply within a few minutes to let you know what it has uncovered.

The only caveat seems to be that it will only read valid hotels found on Lastminute — so if you’re trying to sniff out a deal on Hotwire, it really doesn’t know how to read the link. Hopefully more hotels will be added overtime.

Additionally, Whatthehotel offers a newsletter service to help root out good hotel deals to different destinations.

But if you’re a frequent travelhacker or prefer to know what you’re getting for your money, it’s a neat little app to keep in your back pocket.


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