You’re about to see more Instagram ads thanks to its new API

You’re about to see more Instagram ads thanks to its new API

We knew it was coming – Instagram announced a test of its advertising API back in June – and now it’s here. The switch has been thrown and now everyone can start buying ads.

Previously brands had to talk to Instagram sales people directly. That meant advertising on the photo sharing network was limited to those with big budgets and plenty of time to negotiate.

Levi's is one of Instagram's advertising partners
Levi’s is one of Instagram’s advertising partners

With the ads API, they’ll now be able to schedule their campaigns on Instagram in the same way as they do on Facebook and Twitter, coordinating their efforts and getting analytics on how they’re performing.

My prediction: Advertisers will be delighted and Instagram’s typically classy, aesthetically-orientated users will be less so. That said, the example of Tumblr shows that creative communities can eventually get used to commercials in their feed if they fit the vibe.

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